Meet Our Directors

Borja Brun

Biography: Borja Burn is a Spanish Director commended for directing the film “El Mestizo de Tarín” in addition to the short-films ““Club Eixo Atlántico 4x4” and “Día de Europa 2012.” Borja Brun has years of experience in the media sector working as a Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Producer, Editor and is now the Director of his first masterpiece: “DIET OF SEX”. Since 1998, Brun, whose passion lies in the media world, has made various documentaries, shorts, TV series, sports, programmes and much more, proving to be a great professional and filmmaker from head to toe. Diet of Sex is his first film as a Director and he has made the most this new experience to take on a different approach in producing a love story told like no other before. This is the love story between Ágata and Marc told through sex. Diet of Sex has been presented at the PORN FILM FESTIVAL of BERLIN in 2014 and has been awarded as best movie of nudity and sexuality at the Pollygrind Festival of Las Vegas in 2013.

Erika Lust

Biography: Erika Lust, (b. Stockholm, 1977) is an independent erotic filmmaker, author, and founder of Erika Lust Films. After graduating from Lund University with a degree in Political Science, Lust moved to Barcelona, where she established her production company in 2005.

She has directed 4 award-winning erotic feature films - Five Hot Stories for Her, Barcelona Sex Project, Life Love Lust, and Cabaret Desire - as well as the groundbreaking new series of crowd sourced short films, XConfessions. Among her 6 notable written works are Let´s Make a Porno: a Practical Guide to Filming Sex, La Canción de Nora, and Good Porn: a Woman’s Guide.

Lust is committed to forging a new concept of sexual expression - pledging, in her own words, "to create new waves in adult cinema, to show all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex: where the feminine viewpoint is vital, the aesthetic is a pleasure to all of the senses and those seeking an alternative to porn can find a home."

Lara Tinelli

Biography: Lara Tinelli, an adult cinema actress, has surprised us with her new image as a director of X-rated films in an effort to take her career to the next level. These films are aimed at a more mainstream audience who prefer quality porn films with good scripts and current, contemporary storylines. Thagson, a quality porn film producer and distributor has supported Lara Tinelli in this transition. In 2007, Thagson amazed us with films such as “The Gift” (directed by Roberto Valtueña) or “Five Hot Stories For Her” (directed by Erika Lust), Girls Sex Tricks (directed by Lara Tinelli) and now with BAD SOMETIMES.

Lara confessed that as an actress in front of the camera playing the main role, on some occasions she felt that the scene could be performed from a different perspective, such as from her point of view as a woman. And so, when Thagson proposed her the challenge of directing this particular type of alternative porn film, she didn ?t stop to think twice and immediately got started on the new project. Thus the Thagson Digital Media association was born, along with the recently created Lara Tinelli Films.

Lara confirms that she is very sure of what she wants to do and see. Her challenge has been to communicate this in her film, and it is evident that she has more than exceeded this aim. Part of her success is down to working with a very professional team who are just as technically skilled as they are artistic, who have been able to capture the idea of the project from day one and carry it out it with no delays.

We have to take into consideration that these types of shoots require more time than the average film, since the scripts have to be developed, locations need to be found, story boards need to be drawn up, amongst many other procedures such as casting, creating the shooting plan, filming it and then paying great attention to the post-production, as this final stage contributes to 50% of the success of the film.

Lara Tinelli sees herself as part of the new wave of alternative porn which aims to transmit genuine and contemporary sensations that their audience can identify with, as well as searching for stories that reflect social realities, with characters and daily situations they can relate to. As a result, Lara Tinelli released her first film GIRLS SEX TRICKS already awarded as a Best Couple Friendly Movie 2014 (Erotic Lounge_Germany), Best Director 2014 (Erotic Lounge_Germany) and Best Porna Award 2014 (Dusk TV_The Netherlands), and now surprises us with a completely different and transgressive film (BAD SOMETIMES) while staying true to her beliefs: the importance of women and their sexuality.


Biography: Born in 1980, Ovidie was an 18 year-old student of philosophy when she decided to enter the world of pornography as an actress. From the start of her career, the media developed an interest in the adult film star considered to be an ´intellectual´.

In 2001, she directed her first erotic film, "Orgy in Black", for which she was awarded the Hot D´Or for best screenplay. With this recognition, she became the youngest porn director in movie history.

Shortly thereafter, Ovidie directed her second feature film, "Lilith", which was praised by the entire profession as well as by many ´traditional´ journalists and film reviews.

Today, Ovidie is directing adult movies and writes many sex guides in order to improve adult sexual education. A partisan of safe sex, she insists on the use of condoms during her film scenes. In April 2008, she took the helm of the production department of French Lover TV.

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