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Release date: 27.11.20153 ScenesRuntime: 127 38,588

Directed by: Lara Tinelli | Tags: blonde,fake tits,cumshot,fetish,homemade,anal,cum in mouth,facial,lingerie,hardcore,pussy licking,double penetration,tattoos,threesome,massage,big ass,blowjob,oil,big tits,Deepthroat,latina,masturbation,shaved pussy,european,femdom,party,facesitting,finger fucking,hunk,cumplay,lesbians,footjob,stockings,cum swapping,bondage,groupsex,brunette,high heels,freckles,natural tits,redhead,female friendly

Description: After the acclaimed success of his first film, Lara Tinelli surprises us with a completely different and transgressive film while staying true to her beliefs: the importance of women and their sexuality. This film describes, in first person, the sexual experiences of a group of men and women by appealing to their primary instincts combined with the socially acceptable. Mar, shows us her sexual dilemma and how she stands up to her issues by accepting herself for who she truly is. Sarah and Amber, make us partake in their double life and his way of dealing with their sexual needs. Debora and Samuel, belong to the world of Swingers, and are happy, or maybe not? A masterpiece where people´s sexual behavior will be exposed openly to the free interpretation of the Viewer. A bold and fresh story with a high erotic charge for lovers of quality porn.

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